I’m an architect, urbanist, designer, and entrepreneur. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and Columbus, IN, USA before moving to London, England and now Switzerland. I’m passionate about making our planet a more beautiful and livable place for all living beings. I believe in real architecture, not highfalutin concepts designed for a distant Blade Runner-like dystopian future. My interests outside of design and architecture include traveling, motorcycles, and photography.

I graduated in 2010 from London Metropolitan University with a First Class BA (Hons) Architecture degree. I am presently VP and design director at Feniks Audio in Schaffhausen, Switzerland where I design loudspeakers and the company’s marketing and web presence. I am available for freelance assignments.

I love historical architecture and am passionate about preserving old buildings. I am a member of the The Victorian Society and the Georgian Group in the UK, and Strong Towns in the US.


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Published work:
Huffington Post – I Choose To Walk Sept. 2014
Inazumacafe.com – Buell concept July 2015
Motorcyclespecs.co.za – Buell concept July 2015