Buell Reboot concept

Buell was a brand beloved by many. The Lightning especially has since developed a cult following, so much so that in Europe used bikes sell for more than they did new in the United States. With its short wheelbase and aggressive stance, in many ways it was the original streetfighter.

Unfortunately, Buell’s later 1125 models did not feature the distinctive design Buells were known for and reincarnated as EBR, the 1190 models likewise did not evoke the same passionate response from customers as the Lightning once did, despite the technological innovations and great engine. In my opinion, designs which didn’t strike a chord were partially responsible for both Buell’s and EBR’s bankruptcy. As good as the bikes were, they didn’t look the part.

My design is a reimagining of the Lightning. It’s specifically not a balls-crazy concept, but a bike which could enter production. With a 1350mm wheelbase and 765mm seat height, it maintains the compact dimensions the Lightning was always known for. Buell’s proprietary single-sided brakes have been replaced with conventional twin rotors to boost cost effectiveness.

Tough, assertive, and muscular, this is the bike I wish EBR had made, a true successor to the best of Buell.

Buell01m Buell02m Buell03m Buell04m Buell05m Buell06m Buell07m Buell09m Buell10m